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February 14, 2022

Vouched Helps Healthcare Providers Rapidly Improve their Digital Offerings

Health care organizations are accelerating their digital transformation efforts as patients continue to demand simpler, easier, and more secure ways to access health services. The pace of change now happening in healthcare is reminiscent of what was seen in financial services during the past decade.
Rather than attempting to develop a full range of services in-house, established providers looking to accelerate their transformation efforts are increasingly looking to partner with technology service organizations offering specific expertise. The oftentimes cumbersome process of patient registration is high on the transformation priority list as it represents a pain point for providers and patients alike.
Real-time identity verification solutions, like the pioneering artificial intelligence and computer vision technology employed by Vouched, are therefore a critical component of any health care digital transformation strategy. Online identity verification both lowers the costs to serve the patient and increases patient satisfaction with their healthcare experience.
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John Baird

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