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Healthcare and Telemedicine

Secure Identity verification for Healthcare and Telemedicine KYP Compliance

As healthcare and telemedicine continue to evolve, ensuring the right people have access to high-quality care is crucial. With Vouched's award-winning digital identity verification solution, you can provide faster care and greater access to medicine, while minimizing fraud and prescription abuse. Our end-to-end security and HIPAA compliance ensure that navigating the healthcare landscape is as secure and compliant as possible, allowing you to focus on delivering high-quality care to patients.

Protect your patients and your business with VouchedRx, our prescriptive workflow solution tailored specifically for the healthcare industry.

Use Cases

Onboarding & Intake

Automate and streamline patient onboarding with ease by verifying data checks, social security numbers, and capturing IDs and insurance cards.

Patient Identity Verification & KYP

Our AI computer vision technology provides a faster and smoother patient onboarding experience. Say goodbye to complex verification methods and tedious knowledge-based authentication, and hello to streamlined data checks, social security number validation, and automatic capture of IDs and insurance cards.

Fraud Prevention

Confidently connect and deliver your services to patients, while effectively thwarting identity theft and prescription fraud.

Trusted by Leading Healthcare Companies

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"We vetted numerous identity verification provides before selecting Vouched. It was immediately clear Vouched is different. Unlike all the rest, they didn’t just throw a cookie-cutter solution at us. They listened, developed, and solutioned with us. Since implementing Vouched. our conversion has increased by more than 30%. And, Vouched has the best pricing for the service they provide."

Gail Gentile, CEO MintRX