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    Credit Cards

    From KYC to AML, Vouched delivers the CYA for every customer

    As a credit lender, you need a digital identity verification solution that is fast, reliable, and compliant with KYC regulations. Vouched's customizable workflows streamline the verification process and swiftly integrate with your products, ensuring that your customers can complete the onboarding process quickly and easily. With Vouched, you can grow your customer base while minimizing the risk of fraud and non-compliance.

    VouchedFi, our 360° identity verification and KYC process, has you covered from every angle, so you can grow without limits.

    Use Cases


    Credit Card Account Opening

    Improve your application process by offering a seamless, device-friendly user interface that reduces customer abandonment and increases new account sign-ups.

    Trust by Reputable Credit Card Providers