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From KYC to AML, Vouched delivers the CYA for every customer

Trust Vouched to provide dependable digital identity verification solutions tailored to meet your lending needs. Our customized workflows streamline KYC requirements and seamlessly integrate with your lending products, enabling you to maximize growth while minimizing risk. With cutting-edge technology, we ensure fast and secure customer onboarding while staying compliant with industry regulations.

VouchedFi, our 360° identity verification and KYC process, has you covered from every angle, so you can
grow without limits.

Use Cases

Loan Originations

Increase your loan originations and reduce customer abandonment with our user-friendly and device-responsive workflow.

Money transfers

Utilize our AML & KYC standards while saving time and money on document processing with our end-to-end security solutions.

High-risk transactions

Ensure the highest level of security for your most critical transactions with our foolproof biometric analysis, providing unparalleled protection against fraud and identity theft.

Trust by Reputable Lenders


“They understood the problems we were facing and worked hand-in-hand with us to embed the solution into our funding process.”

Tyler Crawford, BHG Chief Operating Officer