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Digital Identity Verification Solutions the
Auto Industry Can Trust

Whether you’re an automotive disruptor or an established dealership embracing digital, accelerate your auto sales or subscriptions, enhance security, and delight customers with Vouched's award-winning suite of identity verification solutions.

Vouched Recommended Automotive Workflow 

Reduce the risk of significant asset losses by taking advantage of every feature in the Vouched identity verification toolkit. Maximize security and ensure every customer is legitimate by augmenting Vouched’s award-winning visual identity verification solution with digital data analysis, social security validation,  and real-time driver’s license validation. 


Use Cases

New Car Sales or Leasing Applicants

Boost new car sales or leasing applicants by providing a seamless and secure onboarding experience. Vouched’s visual identity verification, coupled with digital data analysis and real-time driver's license validation, ensures legitimate customers are approved quickly, while reducing the risk of fraud and identity theft.

Test Drives

Ensure the safety of your dealership and customers during test drives with Vouched's quick and secure identity verification process.

Car Rentals

Improve the customer experience while protecting your rental car business from fraudulent activity with Vouched's fast and reliable digital identity verification solutions.


Verify the identity of riders and drivers with ease using Vouched's end-to-end identity verification solutions.

Trust by Automotive Industry Leaders

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“Theose Vouched guys are constantly innovating, delivering better results, and turn on a dime. Sure the AI is cutting edge, but more importantly they care deeply about serving customers."

Brendon Lamb, CTO Rider Share