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    Our Partners

    Unlock seamless and secure digital identity verification with Vouched's award-winning software, accessible through your favorite identity management and authentication platform providers.


    Alloy helps banks and fintech reduce customer friction by seeing beyond traditional measures of identity.

    Learn how to add Vouched to your existing Alloy workflow today.

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    Unit’s all-in-one banking-as-a-service platform uses Vouched for visual identity verification and biometric analysis. 

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    Effectiv’s  no-code platform that enables financial services institutions and fintech’s risk team to control all of their fraud and compliance strategies, uses Vouched for our end-to-end KYC solution.

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    AiPrise is a global KYC orchestration platform that leverages Vouched’s full suite of KYC services from data checks to visual identity and documentation analysis.

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    GDS Link, a global leader in customer centric risk management and process automation platforms designed for the modern lender, uses Vouched to provide rigorous KYC and identity proofing in seconds.

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    Okta/Auth0 is a highly customizable platform that is as simple as development teams want, and as flexible as they need.  Add Vouched to your existing Auth0 workflow today.

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    Core10, a leading North American-based provider of banking and lending products and services, uses Vouched to provide end-to-end KYC services to its customers.

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    Vitu, the leading innovator in Vehicle-to-Government (V2Gov) technology, uses Vouched’s identity verification services.

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    MDIntegrations, an all-in-one telehealth solution, leverages Vouched’s telehealth KYP solution meeting compliance needs while still enabling patients to receive needed services quickly.

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