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Real Estate and Property Management

Secure Your Real Estate Business with
Vouched's AI-Powered Identity Verification Services

Improve your real estate transactions with Vouched's AI-powered identity verification services. Our digital KYC platform enables you to onboard new clients quickly and securely, ensuring that only trustworthy buyers make it through. Say goodbye to fraudsters and protect your business with Vouched's cutting-edge technology. Trust us to help you close deals with confidence.

Your business begins with ID verification - our KYC solution will streamline your operations so you can move even faster.

Use Cases

Renter Applications and Onboarding

Minimize application and onboarding abandonment and streamline verifications with our simple, end-to-end identity verification workflow and UI that is optimized for any device.

Renter Service Requests

Cut maintenance costs and confirm renters' identity by re-verifying before addressing service requests, ensuring that only approved tenants can make requests.

Trust by Reputable Real Estate and Property Management Companies


“Vouched is that rare mix that’s so hard to find in a startup- they move a true startup speed, and also have the experience and wisdom to do things in a professional way. We are overjoyed to be working with them because of the combination of speed and maturity in their team and products.”

Andrew Barkett, CTO, REX