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healthcare & telemedicine
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Gig & sharing economy
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Financial services
From KYC to AML we deliver the CYA on every customer


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"I don't know how we survived with out Vouched. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit."
– Alfonso Green, CEO
"With Vouched we've reduced our costs and time to verify by 28%. Lorem ipsum. What a tremendous success!"
– Betty Jones, CEO

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Created for developers
Vouched was created for developers to make identity verification seamless.  
We built our SDKs to be easy to use. Vouched can be added to your mobile app or website in minutes.
Our SDKs are highly scalable, continuously available, and accessible in your favorite language.
Security is a critical factor in our software design. Whether the data is in transit or rest, it is encrypted with AES256.


John Baird

Co-founder / CEO

Yakov Keselman

V.P. of Data Science

John Cao

Co-founder / CPO / CTO

Noel Varghese

Computer Vision Engineer

Vasanth Balakrishnan

Head of AI Research


How easily can Vouched be integrated?
Vouched SDKs were created to be easy to integrate in your favorite language. Because Vouched is built over REST/GraphQL APIs, the SDKs are robust and lightweight. Sample languages include Go, Java (including support for Android Things), C#, Node.js, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby.
How can Vouched verify documents so quickly?
Vouched was created to serve the identity verification, patient onboarding, and hiring needs of a variety of industries. We spent nearly three years training Vouched to read, review, and extract information from thousands of licenses and credentialing documents, enabling it to work under real-world business conditions.
What if I have custom documents unique to my industry?
Vouched has already been trained to read, review, and extract information from documents. If you have unique documents, Vouched can learn your documents and be ready to launch quickly, usually within a few weeks.

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