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Success Spotlight: Vouched enhanced patient conversion by 55% and slashed costs for a telehealth leader. Explore how our AI streamlines patient verification. Read More Here

It's who you know

Expertly identify anyone, anywhere to unlock access to life’s most critical services.

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Simply put, Vouched serves a pivotal role in connecting businesses with good humans, verifying their identity and accelerating the onboarding process so they can take advantage of services available to them as quickly as possible.


The Telemedicine Prescriptive Workflow.
Preconfigured identity verification workflow package that adheres to your KYP compliance needs while also maximizing the ability of patients to successfully verify their identity.


The Financial Services Prescriptive Workflows.
Preconfigured identity verification workflow package that adheres to your KYC compliance needs while also maximizing the ability of applicants to  successfully verify their identity.


Automotive Workflow
Provides automotive companies various solutions for the automotive industry from rentals to new car purchases to test drives.


Vouched’s platform is highly flexible that enables you to customize your own identity verification workflow solution to meet the needs for your business.

Streamline your customer experience.

Streamline your customer experience.

Industry Leading Identity Verification Solution

Our expertise in identity verification deliver significant results to our customers and a highly competitive cost structure

Ease of Implementation

Only industry self serve experience,
plus 5 other ways to integrate us


90% global coverage
New IDs added in minutes


97% completion rate
99.58% accuracy
<10 seconds processing time
100% win rate in head-to-head POCs

AI for Good

100% AI tech based reviews eliminates ethnicity, gender and other biases predominate in human reviews


Most competitive cost in the industry.
Workflow solutions pricing based on conversion metrics.

Integrate without touching your tech stack

Self Serve Be live in 30 mins

The only self serve experience in the industry

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JS Plug in

Your customers start their onboarding on the web. Be where they are!

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Integrate with our iOS, Android, or React Native SDKs to create a seamless experience

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Third Party Platforms

Integrate with our partners to allow for easier deployments into your workflows

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Integrate natively into your application. Results will automatically populate your platform.

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Vouched is the dead-simple ID verification you’ve been looking for. When trust and safety are paramount, Vouched offers the peace of mind your business needs. See how we can help you do business with a 14-day free trial.

Vouched has transformed our customer onboarding at BHG Financial, allowing us to enhance our user experience significantly. Their technology enables rapid and accurate customer verification, supporting our tech-driven loan funding approach. With Vouched, we've been able to accelerate growth, maintain top-level security, and protect our product universe from potential threats.

Andrew Stone | SVP of Fraud Management, BHG Financial

Shortly after launching our new eCommerce platform, we were not well equipped to handle fraud attempts on our business. We turned to Vouched, and it was a game-changing decision. Our lost profit due to fraud was immediately reduced by 80%, and our relationship grew into a partnership as they customized solutions for us. I highly recommend Vouched."

Jason Cohen | Director of Driveway Sales Operations, Lithia & Driveway

We were struggling with fraud and needed a solution that was both effective and easy to implement.

Vouched ticked all the boxes and has helped drastically reduce fraud while improving our efficiency."

Giacomo Miceli | CTO & Product, Clublender

We vetted numerous identity verification providers before selecting Vouched. It was immediately clear Vouched is different. Unlike all the rest, they didn't just throw a cookie-cutter solution at us. They listened and developed a solution with us. Since implementing Vouched, our conversion has increased by more than 30%. And, Vouched has the best pricing for the service they provide.

Gail Gentile | CEO, MintRx