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Meet Vouched

Vouched is a patent pending AI focused on Identity Proofing & Verification.

We’re founded and developed to help you detect fraud in real time with unprecedented simplicity, trust & safety, providing easy, developer-first API’s.

With Vouched you can be assured that our AI enabled computer vision will maximize safety and provide frictionless customer conversion.

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Supporting Industries

An industry-first approach to Identity & Document Verification

healthcare & telemedicine
Expedite patient onboarding, reduce fraud and prescription drug abuse
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Gig & sharing economy
Expert credentialing, licensure and insurance vetting
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Financial services
From KYC to AML we deliver the CYA on every customer
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Basic Plan

$50 / month
(the fee per review is deducted)
FREE: 30 days or 1,000 IDs
Set-up fee: $50, credited to you after end of free period.
From 0 - 4,999 IDs $0.50/review
From 5,000 -9,999 IDs $0.48/review
From 10,000 -14,999 IDs $0.46/review
From 15,000 - 19,999 IDs $0.44/review
From 20,000 - 29,999 IDs $0.42/review
Over 30,000 IDs $0.40/review
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Enterprise Plan

Custom Pricing
Get a custom plan. Contact Vouched to have access to a plan that fits all your company’s demands.
For more info contact us at: sales@vouched.id
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pay-as-you-go pricing

Vouched Pricing plans

We scale with your business, which is why you will only pay for what you use with Vouched. We offer the best rates in the industry.

New Features

Physical address return: $0.10/review
Proprietary database cross-reference: $0.60/review


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SDKs in your favorite language, extensive documentation, 24/7 support

Created for developers
Vouched was created for developers to make identity verification seamless.  
We built our SDKs to be easy to use. Vouched can be added to your mobile app or website in minutes.
Our SDKs are highly scalable, continuously available, and accessible in your favorite language.
Security is a critical factor in our software design. Whether the data is in transit or rest, it is encrypted with AES256.

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