Picture-Perfect Digital ID Verification

Verify and onboard new customers, patients, partners and gig contractors in seconds. With Vouched ID verification, you can expand your reach while keeping the bad guys out.

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The Future of Identity

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Expand access without increasing risk

From finances to employment, benefits and healthcare, life’s essential activities depend on identification. Vouched enables millions of people around the world to access the services that matter most while helping companies identify exactly who they’re working with. In 40 countries and counting.

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Our AI-driven verification process detects fraud in real-time without adding drag to your customer experience.

Instead of clunky, knowledge-based ID verification, Vouched APIs enable you to meet compliance requirements while building trust with the people who count on your product.


Integrate without touching your tech stack

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Grow revenue, not complexity

Vouched plugs into any platform, language or app and is entirely device-agnostic. Configure our APIs and SDKs to work in lockstep with your product, and get more out of your existing tech stack.

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Supported Industries

An Industry-First Understanding of Identity & Document Verification.

Trusted to take on the unique needs of regulated and sensitive industries:

Banking & Financial Services
Gig & Sharing Economy
Apartment Rentals
Hotels & Real Estate
eCommerce & Marketplace
Cryptocurrency Exchanges
Professional Services
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A Vouched partnership means a commitment to quality and excellence. Vouched is proud to partner with trusted innovators.

Vouched Pricing Plans

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

The right price for every usage type.

Pay only for what you use. No matter how your business scales, you’re always covered by the most competitive rates in the industry.


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Visual ID Verification:
Only 50¢

*Advanced features not included in free period


Custom Pricing

Need a custom enterprise solution?

We can build a plan that offers:
Bundled pricing for add-on features
Reduced rates above 30,000 verifications/mo.
Yearly and long-term pricing
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Awards Highlight

Only Vouched’s leading AI visually examines identity with multi-factor risk analysis to securely onboard users instantly.

Vouched detects, verifies and analyzes a user’s face, and provides the security needed to detect fraud by analyzing the identity document and multiple perspectives of a user’s face and testing for liveness.

With the ability to apply Vouched to any device or use case, the time is now to transform your ID verification to wow your customers and grow your revenue.

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