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July 26, 2022

Vouched Identity Verification and KYC Highlights

As we charge ahead towards the midway point of 2022, we thought it worthwhile to pause and reflect on a period of exceptional growth for Vouched. During 2021, we nearly tripled the number of active accounts with our business and saw an even larger increase in the usage of our core identity verification software. Powering that growth was the release of three new products to solve critical needs in the identity verification and validation space:
  • Re-Verification represents a breakthrough expansion to our award-winning suite of identity verification solutions by using Vouched’s leading facial recognition AI to reconfirm a user’s identity on an ongoing basis. Perfect for businesses who serve the same customer across multiple touch points, Re-Verification ensures that the current user is the same person as the one who created the original account.
  • AML Screening extends our award-winning facial recognition AI, data crosscheck, and license validation with a configurable series of checks against global sanction lists, watchlists, and proprietary databases of politically exposed persons, ensuring your potential customer is known, verified, and safe to transact with.
  • Canadian Driver’s License validation extends our existing U.S. driver’s license validation to every province in Canada. This is a welcome feature for any customer who works across North America, and adds another layer of differentiation to our core identity verification and KYC products.
Earlier this year, we passed the milestone of five million people identified around the world, with more than 500 million data factors analyzed to ensure those identities. Since that time, the Vouched AI-enabled identity verification technology has continued to learn new global identity documents and expand our reach. Today, Vouched is able to identify more than 80% of the world’s population and is the preferred solution of any business with a global customer footprint in search of a modern digital identity verification solution. In concert with our product improvements, usage growth and identity document scale, our customers are using Vouched to enable access to a variety of critical services. Our award-winning KYC software has powered more than $3B of loan approvals to individuals and businesses alike. Core to our mission, we’ve enabled access to critical healthcare services for more than two million patients. Beyond healthcare and financial services, our identity verification software has helped people secure new employment and housing, and take the vacation they’ve dreamed about for years. Activities powered by Vouched identity verification and KYCAnd while we haven’t yet verified the identities for the marriage license of a robot and bunny in the Metaverse, we know that’s right around the corner. Thanks to our amazing team for our success and thank you for being with us on this journey.
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John Baird

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