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Affordable, Pay-as-You-Go Pricing

Save the More You Use.

Transparent pricing right-sized for your business — only pay for what you use!


Free 30 Days, Up to 1,000 IDs!


Visual ID Verification:
Only 50¢
Advanced Features*
Physical address: 10¢
IP inspection: 5¢
Data crosscheck: 60¢
Dark web crime: 30¢
DMV driver’s license check: $1.50
All Features: Only $2 - Save 35%

*Advanced features not included in free period


Custom Pricing

Need a custom enterprise solution?

We can build a plan that offers:
Bundled pricing for add-on features
Reduced rates above 30,000 verifications/mo.
Yearly and long-term pricing

Our Price Guarantee

We stand by our promise that there isn’t a more affordable ID verification solution out there, regardless of your industry.