Next-level investors require next level identity verification

With more than 4,000 cryptocurrencies in existence, the influx of new buyers will be challenging to accommodate without the proper measures to verify their identities. Our AI-driven platform can rapidly and safely onboard new customers while establishing a baseline of trust between you and your customers to ensure that their data is safe and your platform is reliable.

Why You Need Vouched

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The pandemic has made people more comfortable using technology to complete transactions that often happen in person. Vouched helped @Bankers Healthcare Group onboard new customers digitally starting in March, and by August, was their preferred method of ID verification. Learn more about why Vouched makes sense in a post-COVID world.

Instead of clunky, knowledge-based ID verification, Vouched APIs enable you to meet compliance requirements while building trust with the people who count on your product.

Why you need Vouched

From KYC to AML, Vouched delivers the CYA on every customer.

Remote onboarding
Increase new account sign-ups and reduce abandonment by meeting customers where they are with a simple UI that works on any device.
Money transfers
Offer end-to-end security and meet AML & KYC standards while spending less time and money on document processing.
Loan & Mortgage applications
Loan & Mortgage applications
Enable your customers to quickly verify their identity online and get on with what matters to them.
AML & KYC regulations
Effortlessly meet anti-money laundering and know-your-customer requirements with proprietary visual intelligence that removes user errors.
Identity fraud
Instantly detect and monitor fraud with a 360° cross-check and unambiguous analytics that flag the bad guys without slowing things down for everyone else.
High-risk transactions
High-risk transactions
Add a layer of protection when it matters most by confirming special transactions with foolproof biometric analysis.

ID Verification and Fraud Protection Designed for:

Onboarding new cryptocurrency investors
Buying, selling and trading between cryptocurrencies and wallets

Your business begins with ID verification. We are the KYC solution that will help streamline your operations.


How Vouched Works

Combine seamlessly fitting layouts, customize everything you want, and switch components on the go using our bootstrap
525+ ID types across all countries
CCPA, GDPR compliant, SOC2 certified
Multi factor scoring
User-friendly dashboards
Easy integration and workflow automation
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