Award-winning identity verification that scales with your business

Vouched is the only identity and KYC solution to offer:

Fully automated identity verification
Rapid decisioning (<9 sec)
Simple integration
Highly configurable to your workflow
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A Win-Win for Your Business

With Vouched, you get the same streamlined onboarding used by leaders in healthtech, fintech, automotive, and hospitality at pricing that only scales when you do.

Eligibility Requirements

Have not raised Series B or beyond
Associated with one of our approved VC, Incubator, or Partner organizations
New Customers Only

Frictionless, Fast, and Flexible

Vouched’s proprietary AI delivers end-to-end identity verification, KYC and fraud detection

A Global Identity Solution

Vouched is the industry-agnostic global identity solution. Our AI can identify more than 80% of the global population and learns new identity documents in minutes.

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Simple Implementation

Vouched is built with developers in mind. The Vouched JS Plugin can be implemented with less than 15 lines of code, or go live using popular SDKs or via partners like Alloy, Auth0 and Unblu.

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Solutions Priced for Startups

Vouched is priced for early stage budgets. Only pay for the volume you use with our usage based pricing model.

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Vouched Customers

Trusted by Leaders and Innovators

How Vouched Works

575+ ID types worldwide
Automated two-step verification
CCPA, GDPR compliant, SOC2 certified
Visual Intelligence removes user errors
360 degree cross-check and risk assessment
User friendly dashboards
Easy integration and workflow automation

Go Live in Minutes, Not Months

Vouched is ID Verification at the speed of digital. Spend less time and money onboarding new customers and more time growing your business with seamless, global ID verification.