Trusted identity verification for the Gig & Sharing Economy

Trust is the currency that powers every exchange in today’s gig and sharing marketplaces. With Vouched, you’ll spend less time verifying and onboarding and more time bringing desirable partners into the fold. Our proprietary visual identity verification and biometric analysis enables you to identify the people who can help you grow and flag the ones who might cost you millions in a lawsuit.

Verification and Fraud Protection Designed for:

Asset-sharing marketplaces
Freelance services
Dating platforms
Gig-worker marketplaces
Trading platforms

Instantly identify partners who can help your business grow and flag the ones that might cost you.

Why you need Vouched

From KYC to AML, Vouched delivers the CYA on every customer.

Customer & Seller Verification
Customer & Seller Verification
Build a trusting ecosystem centered on verified users and businesses invested in your community.
Fraud Detection & Prevention
Connect people safely without letting bad actors cannibalize your community with account takeovers and stolen identities.
Regulatory Compliance
Regulatory Compliance
Effortlessly meet contractor requirements and protect sensitive information for customers on both sides of your marketplace.
Electronic Document Verification
Fast authentication means frictionless onboarding, more sign-ups, and fewer abandonments.
Loss prevention
Loss prevention
Protect valuable assets from falling into the wrong hands with our 360-degree verification process and cross-checks.
Seamless Customer Experience
Our easy integration and user-friendly UI helps you meet customers anywhere they are, on any device.

How Vouched Works

Combine seamlessly fitting layouts, customize everything you want, and switch components on the go using our bootstrap
600+ ID types worldwide
Fraud detection and monitoring
Multi-factor scoring and unambiguous analytics
360 degree cross-check and risk assessment
End-to-end security
CCPA, GDPR compliant, SOC2 certified
User-friendly dashboards
Easy integration and workflow automation
Companies that Use Vouched

Trusted by Global Leaders

Go Live in Minutes, Not Months

See what we mean by ID Verification at the speed of sight. Spend less time and money onboarding new customers and more time growing your business with seamless, global ID verification—free for 14 days.