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CUSTOMERS – Case Study


Clublender Tackles Fraud and Streamlines Their Operations With Identity Verification (IDV)

Vouched has been a game-changer for Clublender. We were struggling with fraud and needed a solution that was both effective and easy to implement. Vouched ticked all the boxes and has helped drastically reduce fraud while improving our efficiency. Giacomo Miceli, CPO of Clublender


Clublender is revolutionizing the way people golf. Golfers love to play at destination golf courses. But anyone who has lugged golf clubs through an airport and paid hefty shipping fees or had to use poor on-course rentals understands the pain of traveling with their clubs. Clublender offers a game-changing solution by creating a marketplace specializing in premium golf club rentals, which are shipped directly to the customer’s destination. As a result, there’s no need to worry about the inconvenience of traveling with clubs or the cost of shipping fees.


Successful online businesses are faced with rapidly escalating fraud. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission reported that fraud increased 70% in 2021, costing businesses $5.8 billion. As Clublender grew in popularity, fraudulent users would steal valuable golf clubs worth as much as $1,600. To address the threat, Clublender turned to Vouched to provide seamless and secure identity verification.


With a hard-driving team focused on results, Clublender selected Vouched because integration was fast, easy, and required few resources. “What really impressed me about Vouched is the ease of implementation. As the main developer and CPO of the company, I chose the solution that reached our goal most efficiently.”

After placing an order, customers receive an SMS that verifies their identity through a facial scan and expert examination of their government-issued ID. Vouched verifies the identity of Clublender customers in eight seconds, helping to convert customers securely and efficiently. Once the customer passes the verification process, their clubs get shipped to them.



Clublender has effectively eliminated fraud and now automates 98% of its identity verification process and proactively fights fraud instead of reacting to one-off incidents. Before implementing Vouched, fraudulent incidents were accelerating at the rate of 500% YoY. Since implementing Vouched in 2020, Clublunder has had only two incidents in the last two years, effectively eliminating fraud and redirecting their time to growing the business.