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How would you do business differently if you knew—really knew—the person on the other side of a screen? Our mission is to vouch for every important interaction on the internet by creating the largest identity and reputation management platform in the world.

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Imagine how much we could accomplish if businesses could open their doors to any global citizen and if every verified virtual customer had universal access to services like financing and gig job opportunities. Our intelligent AI is paving the way for that future without letting old method, or new generations of fraudsters, stand in the way of real interactions.

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Our Leadership Team

John Baird

Co-founder / CEO

Marita Scarfi

CFO and Head of Business Operations

Steve McQuade


Vasanth Balakrishnan

Head of AI Research

Portia Singian

VP Finance

Ryan Patterson

VP of Sales

Christiana Muoneke

Legal Counsel

Marcus Oliver

Engineering Manager

Noel Varghese

Sr. Computer Vision Engineer

David Woo

Frontend Engineer

Oghale Agbro

Head of Accounts Receivable

Nick Lamping

Senior Full Stack Engineer

Yash Raikar

Full Stack Engineer

Kevin Carpenter

Sales Development

Hannah Law

Senior Marketing Manager

Jessica Kent

Customer Success Manager

Dylan McDevitt

Senior Account Executive

Anton Kozachuk

Technical & Integration Support

Jay Lorenzo

Sr. Mobile Developer

Aaron Hill

Lead DevOps Engineer

Josh Todd

Director of Product

Bridgette Clyne

Human Resources Consultant

Vinayak V S

Machine Learning

Jacquelyn Benintende

Executive Assitant

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Darrell Cavens

Jonathan Kagle

Vanessa Pegueros

Kirby Winfield

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