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Not every image will be perfect, not every document pristine. This is why Vouched is guided by our patent pending 2-step process that covers noise and low light situations, setting ourselves apart from less efficient multi-step processes.

Our intuitive user experience ensures engagement and increases conversion, without compromising security or compliance.As a developer first product, our focus on API integration means your team will be able to easily integrate our feature-rich solutions, no matter your size.


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John Baird
Co-founder / CEO
John Cao
Co-founder / CPO / CTO
Vasanth Balakrishnan
Head of AI Research
Yakov Keselman
V.P. of Data Science
Portia Singian
VP Finance
Christiana Muoneke
Legal Counsel
Marcus Oliver
Lead Full Stack Engineer
Noel Varghese
Computer Vision Engineer
David Woo
Frontend Engineer
Oghale Agbro
Head of Accounts Receivable
Sergey Nazarov
Sr. DevOps Security Engineer
Kate Burdick
Human Resources
Nick Lamping
Senior Full Stack Engineer
Yash Raikar
Full Stack Engineer
Kevin Carpenter
Sales Development
Laura Van Wettering
Executive Assistant

About Vouched

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vouched?
Vouched is a secure, real-time identity verification AI software. It works by using the camera in your device to capture images of your identity document and your face for verification. This combination allows for the software to verify the legitimacy of the document as well as the individual holding the document. An identity document such as a driver’s license, passport or identity card is validated by examining visual elements unique to each document. These include layout, text, font, symbols, and background colors to help determine authenticity. Selfies are validated by comparing it to the photo in the identity document as well as liveliness checks which ensures that it is a real person. This entire process is done in seconds and saves substantial time compared to in-person validation.
How many different types of IDs does Vouched verify?
Vouched is proficient on 400+ government-issued photo identity documents across more than 40 countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Peru, Belarus, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, and many more. Documents that Vouched examines include:
-Driver’s licenses
-Chauffeur driver’s licenses
-Motorcycle licenses
-Passports from more than 40 countries
-Identity cards
-Green cards
-Temporary driver’s licenses
What devices does Vouched work on?
Vouched is device agnostic and works with cameras as low as 1080p. Vouched works with its customers to allow users to be identified on desktops, laptops, mobile web, or native apps.
How does Vouched examine identity?
Vouched compares the identity document scanned to a user’s selfie, and reviews a variety of factors in its examination of identity, including:

-Facial recognition & liveness determination
-Motion observation
-Facial matching
-Data examination and extraction of factors including full legal name, DOB, physical address, issue date, and expiration date, among numerous additional factors.
-Identity document analysis
What APIs and SDKs does Vouched support?
Vouched is developer first. Vouched is built on Rest/GraphQL APIs. SDKs are available for Android, Golang, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Python, and iOS.

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