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Secure Identity Verification and KYP for Healthcare & Telemedicine

Translating high-quality care online depends on getting the right access to the right people. With award-winning digital identity verification from Vouched, you can provide faster care and greater access to medicine with less fraud and prescription abuse. Vouched’s end-to-end security and HIPAA compliance makes navigating telemedicine effortless.

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Instead of clunky, knowledge-based ID verification, Vouched APIs enable you to meet compliance requirements while building trust with the people who count on your product.

The pandemic has made people more comfortable using technology to complete transactions that often happen in person. Vouched helped Bankers Healthcare Group onboard new customers digitally starting in March, and by August, was their preferred method of ID verification. Learn more about why Vouched makes sense in a post-COVID world.

ID Verification Designed for:

Hospital & Health Care Systems
Health Insurance Companies
Home Healthcare
Nursing Care & Retirement Communities
Pharmacies & Prescription Delivery
Physician & Clinical Services
Dental Services

Our Electronic Document verification helps you focus on protecting your patients—and your business.

Onboarding & Intake
Onboarding & Intake
Simplify the onboarding process for new patients by automating the capture of IDs and insurance cards.
Patient Identity Verification & KYP
Patient Identity Verification & KYP
With our AI-enabled computer vision, you’ll limit access to the actual patient without bombarding them with complicated verification methods or tedious knowledge-based authentication.
Claims Processing
Claims Processing
Enjoy stress-free billing capabilities and reduce rejected claims with a seamless UI that’s available anywhere, on any device.

How Vouched Works

600+ ID types worldwide
Automated two-step verification
CCPA, GDPR compliant, SOC2 certified
Visual Intelligence removes user errors
360 degree cross-check and risk assessment
User friendly dashboards
Easy integration and workflow automation
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