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Re-Verification enables you to safely manage your customer's identity at every touchpoint

When you need to be sure an identity is consistent, Re-Verification uses Vouched’s leading facial recognition AI to reconfirm a user’s identity on an ongoing basis, ensuring the current user is indeed the same person as the one who created the account.

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Why Your Business Needs Re-Verification

Customer Use Cases

No matter the industry, the safe management of identity across both time and multiple touchpoints is critical to security and success.

Banking: Confirm your customer is the one resetting their password, cashing a check, or executing a high-value transaction
Healthcare: Ensure the correct patient is in control of their medical records or receiving telemedicine services
Hotels and hospitality: Verify the person entering the hotel room is the same one who booked it online.
Gig economy: Know the worker doing the job is the one who you hired and approved.
Online education: Monitor student identity for accurate class attendance and test taking.

How Vouched Works

550+ ID types worldwide
Automated two-step verification
CCPA, GDPR compliant, SOC2 certified
Visual Intelligence removes user errors
360 degree cross-check and risk assessment
User friendly dashboards
Easy integration and workflow automation
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