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What devices does Vouched Work with

Rest API
React Native

Mobile handoff

One of our newer features is the Mobile handoff. The JS Plugin has the ability to recognize a person’s device (mobile, OS) and show the QR Code or SMS options if the person is on the desktop. It prompts the user to either scan the QR Code or input a mobile number to send the SMS to. Verification continues on the person’s mobile device. Once completed, control is given back to the desktop application. This allows for desktop onboarding while leveraging the user’s superior mobile camera.

Users will see the following instructions on their mobile device during the Mobile Handoff:

  1. Open the Camera app from your phone.
  2. Hold the device so the QR Code appears in the viewfinder.
  3. Click on the notification to open the verification link.

There is also the option to finish the Mobile handoff on your desktop instead of on a mobile device if you wish to do so. In order to enable the Mobile Handoff functionality, set the cross-device and crossDeviceQRCode parameters to true.

For the mobile handoff option, a new job is created during each refresh, this generates a token to be used on the mobile device. Please note, empty jobs are not billable.

Once the verification is completed, the JS callback onDone is called on the desktop.

How long is the link valid: 24 hours, after that you will need to resend the request.

How do I fix expired tokens: Simply resend the token request.

Vouched integration options


Option 1: Vouched Now

Access via an online web portal No installation required You simply create a “Vouched now” account and you’ll be up and running within minutes. This is a great option if your volume is low as it requires you to manually enter information.

Option 2: SDKs

SDK Key technical FAQ
Q: Is it possible to have liveness with the backend SDK such as Java?

A: Unfortunately, no!

Q: In order to have a better understanding of what the SDK can do, can you explain to me how to use the userphoto parameter and what it is used for?

A: A userPhoto is the selfie used for the face match. Click here for more information!

Q: How do we get the success or failure request? Do you specify a url to send the result to when generating the QR code?

A: Once the widget is completed, a JS callback onDone is called or a webhook at callback URL is called. Both contain the results from a job. For security reasons, we recommend getting the token and pulling the job down from a backend SDK.


Option 3: Vouched new option QR Code

  1. A QR code widget is presented to the user on the desktop.
  2. The user then scans the QR code with their phone. The phone opens up a Vouched hosted site used to verify the customer.
  3. Once complete, the QR Code widget receives a notification of either success or failure.

How long does a full integration take: Approximately 1 to 2 weeks.

Recognized IDs



ID Verification Failure

False negatives (When a valid person is declined it’s usually because of a bad photo): 4.5%

False positives (An invalid person who is approved but shouldn’t be; this number will decline when more advanced features are added for extra security)

Ultimately, Vouched allows the business to make the final decision on the identity of the person. On the dashboard, there’s a section for a business to do a manual review. For example, an ID may be declined for various reasons such as a damaged driver’s license, bad camera, blurry image, etc. Sometimes Vouched declines a person for reasons that are legitimate, something a
human reviewer might miss.

How many verifications can I send: Unlimited

Is there an API rate limit: No

User Dashboard Overview

Creating & Managing User Accounts

How many users are we allowed to have: Unlimited

Resetting your password

Download a Job

Can we store the scanned IDs: Yes, the system will save each job and you can access this information via your dashboard.

For how long? As long as you’d like.


● Soc 2 Type 1 ● Soc 2 Type 2
● ISO 27001
● ISO 27701

Vouched Now Mobile Demo


Customizing your Vouched UI in JS Plugin


Customizing UI in web app


Vouched Now dashboard overview


Vouched Now dashboard overview