Vouched is sophisticated, patent-pending artificial intelligence that powers secure, real-time visual identity verification.

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Designed to Maximize Trust & Safety

Financial Services

The Problem

Financial service companies need a seamless and secure way to meet the regulatory requirements for KYC ‘Know Your Customer’ and AML ‘Anti-Money Laundering’ without sacrificing customer experience

Financial Services face the unique challenge of maximizing access while complying with the necessary, yet increasing regulatory requirements and significant trust and safety issues of online transactions.

The Solution

Our user-centric UI improves customer experience while maximizing trust and safety and keeping clients engaged.

Our simplified two-step process allows your customer to quickly verify their identity, allowing them to focus on what’s important.

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Our Features


CCPA and GDPR assessed
SOC2 Type 1 certified
HIPAA compliant
Rigorous penetration testing
AES-256 encryption in transit and at rest

User-Centric UI

Automated two-step verification
Works across all devices (desktop, laptop, mobile)
Visual intelligence removes user errors
Fully automated closed system
Anti-blur motion detection
400+ ID types, driver’s licenses, passports, ID cards, etc.

End-to-End Fraud Detection

Proprietary visual identity analysis
Rigorous review; Low false positives
Intricate, ever-evolving fraud models
IP inspection and risk assessment
Email, phone, physical address analysis
Clear, unambiguous examination with detailed multi-factor scoring

Basic Plan

$50 / month
(the fee per review is deducted)
FREE: 30 days or 1,000 IDs
Set-up fee: $50, credited to you after end of free period.
From 0 - 4,999 IDs $0.50/review
From 5,000 -9,999 IDs $0.48/review
From 10,000 -14,999 IDs $0.46/review
From 15,000 - 19,999 IDs $0.44/review
From 20,000 - 29,999 IDs $0.42/review
Over 30,000 IDs $0.40/review
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Enterprise Plan

Custom Pricing
Get a custom plan. Contact Vouched to have access to a plan that fits all your company’s demands.
For more info contact us at: sales@vouched.id
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pay-as-you-go pricing

Vouched Pricing plans

We scale with your business, which is why you will only pay for what you use with Vouched. We offer the best rates in the industry.

New Features

Physical address return: $0.10/review
Proprietary database cross-reference: $0.60/review