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Vouched Strategic Partners

The Vouched partner network includes innovators, identity platforms, and industry leaders. These partnerships further our vision of making Vouched widely available and easy-to-integrate, providing access to critical services globally.

Bankers Healthcare Group is a Vouched investor and longtime partner that provides innovative, hassle-free financial solutions to licensed healthcare practitioners and other highly skilled professionals. BHG Bank Network members can easily add Vouched into their identity verification workflows.

Vouched Platform Partners

Vouched’s award-winning digital identity verification software is also available through popular identity management and authentication platform providers.

Alloy helps banks and fintech companies reduce customer friction by seeing beyond traditional measures of identity.
Learn how to add Vouched to your existing Alloy workflow today.

Auth0 is a highly customizable platform that is as simple as development teams want, and as flexible as they need.
Add Vouched to your existing Auth0 workflow today.

Unblu’s Conversational Platform for Financial Services enables financial institutions to deliver digital in-person experiences.
Learn more about the Vouched and Unblu workflow today.

Vouched Industry Leadership Partners

Leaders across industries use Vouched’s configurable suite of identity solutions to drive revenue and streamline customer experiences.


Atlantic Health System uses Vouched’s identity verification platform to increase patient access, improve efficiency, and provide a better all-around patient experience.


Vitu uses Vouched to help provide innovative services to the motor vehicle industry. The Vitu platform manages both in-state and out-of-state titling and registration transactions in all 50 states and across multiple locations.

Financial Services

GDS Link, a global leader in customer-centric risk management and process automation platforms designed for the modern lender, uses Vouched to provide rigorous KYC and identity proofing in seconds.


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